Friday, February 19, 2010

Coming Back

I saw my former novice coach at CRASH-Bs last weekend. We were talking, and he asked me if I was still rowing (I think it's pretty obvious from my expansive waistline that I haven't been as of late). I asked him the same thing.

Now, I rowed for a club program while I was in college, but my novice class lucked out. We had a head novice coach, who was trialling for the National Team, as well as an assistant coach/grad student who ended up rowing in Beijing in 2008. Both of them were training while coaching us, and putting their accomplishments alongside ours was both humbling and motivating.

So when he told me that he was doing what he could and finding a level he could race at with that training, I still find myself thinking of the times he's probably rowing, or planning on rowing. Once again, it puts my own life into perspective.

The problems that have been plaguing me for the past four years, the reason I was off the water for so long, are finally starting to ease up. I've been erging regularly, and I've found I can start pushing myself through harder pieces. Looking back on my logbook, though (I'm one of those people who obsessively logs every meter, even warm-ups), I can't help but be a little discouraged. My 30-minute PR is where I would expect my 2K score to be right now. It's not I-want-to-quit discouraging, but to get back to that point seems like a very long way off.